Coaching Product / Service Offering

If you are curious to learn how I buy land at major discounts and am able to flip lots quickly, I am now offering a complete course detailing exactly how I do this.  This step by step course will detail all of the following aspects of the land flipping process:

  • How to find the best markets to purchase property
  • How to quickly make thousands of offers to property owners at 15-20% of market value
  • How to close a transaction to take title to a property
  • How to market and sell property quickly and consistently
  • How to scale a land investing business

I am offering 3 options for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to pursue land investing to new levels:


ONLINE COURSE + GROUP COACHING OPTION – Get the complete course offered above AND get access to office hours where you can ask me questions each week in a group setting through a video Zoom call. I will talk through any of the roadblocks / challenges you have at any point in the process. Each week calls are recorded and you can submit questions live or before the call and I answer all questions submitted. These videos serve as a way to learn from challenges occurring in your business, but also as a forum for you to learn from challenges and experiences other land investors have.  If you are unable to make a call for whatever reason, you can access the replay.

This option comes with lifetime access to this course. Click the link below to gain access!



This option is recommended to those who willing to spend ~$10,000 for property acquisitions in addition to consulting fee and marketing costs. Mentee will get direct deal experience in addition to complete online course. The goal of Mentor / Mentee relationship is to return at least 100% on sale of property(s) from direct mail campaign, however Mentor does NOT guarantee any results. Details below:

1. Mentee will pay a consulting fee to Mentor to advise on sending out direct mail campaign to purchase vacant land in county agreed upon by Mentor and Mentee. Mentor and Mentee will work together to pick a county, build a list, price the list, and mail offers to owners of property.
2. Mentee will fund 100% of mail cost to send out direct mail to purchase property mentioned in bullet point above
3. If direct mail campaign results in the purchase of a property, Mentee will fund 100% of the purchase price and cover closing costs associated with purchase of property
4. Mentee will fund 100% of marketing to sell property (if paid marketing is used to sell)
5. Mentor AND Mentee will take title on the deed of the above described purchase as joint tenants
6. Mentor and Mentee will split 100% of profit above the cost of the direct mail campaign, purchase price AND any marketing spend used to sell the property
7. Mentee will receive 100% of cash flow related to the sale of a property up until the point that he recovers all funds spent on mail, the acquisition that specific property AND any marketing spend used to sell the property. After he recovers these funds, profits on this associated property will be split 50%/50% to Mentor and Mentee.
8. Mentee is not obligated to purchase any property from the direct mail campaign
9. Mentee is responsible for marketing and selling property. Mentor will give guidance on where to list property(s) and how to create property listings.
10. Mentee is responsible for taking inbound phone calls from both buyers and sellers to negotiate deals on buy-side and sell-side
11. The purpose of Mentor / Mentee relationship is to flip vacant land for immediate resale for profit
12. Mentee will receive access to Mentor’s complete online course to provide guidance to process
13. Mentor does not guarantee results
About Willie Goldberg
Willie G is an entrepreneur from Chicago, Illinois who quit his day job to pursue land investing after years of experience in investment and corporate banking.
Willie is an experienced land investor who has flipped over 150 properties in the last year and has built a $1 million+ per year land investing business.  He helps beginning or struggling land investors manage and scale their businesses using proven and predictable systems.
Willie looks to advise and mentor investors who are passionate about land investing and want to grow a business to a full time income and beyond.