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Hello landbuyers I am Willie G (Willie Goldberg)! I am born and raised in the Chicagoland area and I am offering a wide variety of acreage in the sunny state of California.  While I strongly considered investing in land out here in my local area, I quickly found the demand for land is not quite the same.  I lived in the California inland empire for four years and fell in love with the warm climate, the laid back culture, and the immaculate beauty of the state.  While I have invested in land in five states, I have chosen to focus on sunny Southern California where I am very familiar with the area.  

Over time, I have tested and refined my system for buying land at unbelievable discounts and passing the savings onto my buyers.  On average, I sell these vacant lots for 50-80% below market value and I am not interested in squeezing out more profit in each transaction.  My goal selling land is not to make a lot of money on each lot, but to sell many lots over time and have satisfied customers who want to continue buying land from me over and over again.  

If you have any questions or concerns on any properties and want to talk with me personally, reach out and I am happy to discuss.  Thanks for reading and happy land-buying!

– Willie G